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Ethical Issues with Internet Marketing

November 27, 2012


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In the present-day business environment, ethics play a big role in establishing the reputation of a business. Whether it’s ‘clicks and mortar’ or ‘bricks and mortar’, good ethical standards help create a strong foundation for better and improved working relations, not only between a business and its customers, but also with among its employees.

Apposite application of good ethical standards help build a brand name for an online business. It also affects company sales and marketing strategies, which help in the development of a business. When it comes to online business and marketing, things can become a little unpredictable, especially for online buyers. A good image of the business does wonders to its client base.

With online services like messaging, mailing, image uploading, video recording etc, which are used through personal communication devices integrated with microphones and cameras, the Internet affects the lives of people in more than just conventional ways. Safety and privacy issues have become customary in the world of online marketing. It has become trickier to fathom whom to trust while transacting online and which websites are secure to click on. With the entire unprincipled, illegitimate Internet marketing schemes and fraudulent tactics, online marketers have to be very careful while promoting their products and services through internet.

Security and Privacy Issues

While managing an online business, the owner will face some security and privacy issues. Setting up privacy and security measures helps online customers trust the online services provided by an online marketer. It helps to subdue the apprehension in which patrons may feel about online shopping. Online business owners should be aware of the interlopers, in order to protect their business adequately.

Viruses can pose a very serious threat to the privacy of online businesses and their customers. They can enter the computer through various sources, such as downloading or even just clicking emails that contain viruses. This can lead to a loss of business information or any number of virus-related issues.

Hackers and other illicit folk accessing private information of a business, both personal and private, can create numerous problems for businesses and its customers, along with identity theft.

Legal Issues

There are many legal issues an online business needs to consider. For examples, electronic copyright, e-commerce cash and credit policies, international trade rules, tariffs, privacy policies, and security issues. Online marketers must be prepared to deal with the issues related to copyright, intellectual property and other legal matters.

Copyright breach happens when a website uses copy or any other information from another website without permission, or when they use the name of a product owned by another online business. Owing to the free-flow of information on internet, plagiarism and copyright infringement has become an unrelenting problem for online business owners.

It is against the law to use online tools to reproduce and distribute officially copyrighted material, such as articles, music or videos.

Problems can also arise concerning ethics in internet marketing and advertising laws that can be upsetting for a
company’s image and very costly from a legal perspective.

Written by Brianne Walter

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